• Experience Delta Awards

    For the past 7 years Delta Locum Tenens has been recognized as the top agency in the industry. Working with us you should expect more than just service — you should expect Diamond-level interactions and a great customer experience.

  • Experience Trust

    Trust is essential in building and maintaining any relationships; particularly in business. We have worked to establish trust of our brand throughout the industry, and trust with our customers who count on our services.

  • Experience Success

    We take great measures to ensure we are always at the top of our game. We use direct feedback from customers to streamline and improve our performance and services, and are never satisfied with being “good enough.”

  • Experience Balance

    Also referred to as the “power of AND.” At Delta Locum Tenens, we have fun AND performance. We expect success AND humility. We perform as the best in the business AND continuously strive to improve.

  • Experience Passion

    Passion is contagious. It is seen in the members we hire, the physicians we recruit, and in the facilities that use our services. Passion is a part of our DNA at Delta Locum Tenens and we are ready to share this drive and determination with you.